NME POLL WINNER'S CONCERT 1964, Empire Pool, Wembley, 26th April 1964

Upper left, the facade of The Empire Pool, c. 1960. Upper right, the Olympics of 1948 (the hall had a purpose-built retractable floor to reveal or cover the pool at the touch of a button). Immediately above, programme for the NME Concert 1964.

For the Pollwinner's Concert of '64, Vox as usual outdid themselves, providing a huge array of equipment for participating bands - AC30s, guitar and bass cabinets, and what appears to be three AC80/100 heads on a shelf/trolley in the middle of the stage, probably driving pairs of Foundation Bass cabs. In the clips below we see a variety of guitarists and bassists plugging in - in the first, for instance, Manfred Mann's bassist, Dave Richmond. Bill Wyman and Paul McCartney of course had their own set-ups.

Above, stills from the concert, repeated from the previous page, the first with McCartney's AC80/100 and T60 cabinet also in view.

The second amp is partly obscured by the base of the microphone stand, and the third is to the far right. Further stills from the concert .

Clips from the Concert

Manfred Mann

The Hollies

Gerry and the Pacemakers

Freddie and the Dreamers

The Merseybeats

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