Early speaker and mains cables - Cannon XLR-3-11C and Cannon LNE-11C

Left, the back of Paul's amp in Holland, early summer 1964; right, on stage in Lyon, summer 1965.

Vox XLR speaker cable supplied with AC100 serial number 392 (June 1965) - latching Cannon XLRs with green rubber grommets.

Vox mains cable supplied with AC100 no. 392 - the old English colours (red=live, black=neutral, and green=earth) visible at the plug end.

From June/July 1965 - Amphenol speaker and mains cables - "doughnut" connectors on back panels

Amphenol cables and back panel sockets replaced Cannon hardware at some point mid-production of the "100W Amplifier", i.e. the fixed bias AC100 without the brimistor. Power sockets were 4-pin and marked with a red dot (which seems to have been exclusively done for Vox - presumably Thomas Organ helped in the US). The earliest amp that has so far come to light with a circular Amphenol XLR on its back panel is serial no. 531.

XLR mains connector - Amphenol 91-858 - latching, blue and white.

XLR speaker connector - Amphenol 91-854.

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