Jennings Electronic Industries AC40

Valve versions

In the absence (for the time being) of any schematic, presumably a circuit close in arrangement to the top-boost AC30. Most AC40s were valve rectified.

Mustard capacitors appear to be the norm in the preamp.

JEI pricelist from December 1972. The AC40 cost £150.00 and the J50 2x12" speaker cabinet £69.00.

Serial number 1235

Note that the speakers are alnico Celestion T1096s - the 15ohm counterpart of the T1088. The frames of T1096s, as here, are normally sandy in colour, and the bells silver.


Serial number 1254

A gorgeous Jennings AC40 and matching 2x12" extension cab. Condition is immaculate. Grey-back Celestion G12H drivers in the AC40, and greenbacks in the extension cab. The date codes of the latter are LE28 = 28th November 1972. Mustard caps in the amp have 1970 codes. Thanks to Andreas for the pictures.

Serial number 1278

Date code of the remaining original Celestion T1096 is DF6 = 6th April 1973. The other speaker is a replacement.


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An unused panel marked in the far right hand corner "AC30", but probably for the amp generally known as the AC40, sold on ebay in 2012.

Solid State versions - the J40

In common with the Jennings J100 (and the Vox solid state line), these amps had a three position mid-range boost switch, position "0" being off.

The Arctic Monkeys in the studio with a solid state Jennings J40.

The drivers are probably Celestion alnico T1088s, one of the best speakers for guitar ever made. The frames of Celestion T1096s, the T1088's 15ohm counterpart, are usually sandy in colour.