Jennings Electronic Industries B1 speaker cab

1 x 18", 100 watts, 8 ohms

Above, the British Musical Instrument Industries Trade Fair at the Russell Hotel, August 1969 - a pair of B1 speaker cabinets with B100 amplifiers on top.

The cabinet is based squarely on the "Foundation Bass" cabs produced by Vox, late 1964 to early 1967 - . Carrying handle let into the side, no port at bottom.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, February 1970: prices of the JEI speaker cabinets.

Retail pricelist, December 1972: the B1 paired with the B100 amplifier as a set, or available on its own.

In late 1973, a new style came into effect: new brown grille cloth and a large "JEI" logo. See for instance the B3 speaker cabinet .

JEI B1 serial number 189

One of a pair of cabinets currently in Germany - the one above , the other . Both have original ElectroVoice 18" speakers.

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