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This page, which will grow, is a repository of adverts and articles on "Jennings Electronic Industries" in 1972. The principal source is "Beat Instrumental" magazine, aimed squarely at professional musicians and those working in the recording industry.

In the main, the articles are normally quite brief, but informative nonetheless, regularly giving glimpses of new items and things that were to be (or had been) shown at the principal musical equipment fairs: the Frankfurt Musikmesse, normally in February or March; and the Associated Musical Instrument Industries Fair in London in August.

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Beat Instrumental magazine, January 1972
Beat Instrumental magazine, January 1972

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, January 1972. A section on JEI public address gear, including what may be the first sight of the new reverb unit; and below, an ad for the all-valve AC40, the drawbar option still on offer. .

Beat Instrumental magazine, February 1972

February 1972. A "Guitar Review". A short note on Jennings guitars.

Beat Instrumental magazine, March 1972

March 1972. The ad for the AC40 repeated from January.

Beat Instrumental magazine, January 1972

April 1972. A review of Frankfurt. The note signals the arrival of another valve amp to accompany the AC40 - the AC15, which retailed for £55.00 in December '72.

Beat Instrumental magazine, September 1972
Beat Instrumental magazine, September 1972

September 1972, the JEI advert for the J71 and a brief Beat Instrumental section on the company's range, with prices.

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