100W PA unit (solid state)

The first style of Jennings PA100, pictured in the background at a music trade show at the Russell Hotel, London, in 1968 (photo from J. Elyea, Vox Amplifiers, p. 99).

But this amp had been designed at some point in 1967 (before Vox/JMI wound up). See the picture below, in which a pre-production Vox version sits on top of a large gyrotone.

Serial number 1011 - currently in the UK

Serial number 1015 - currently in Europe

A nice PA100 with Jennings column speaker. The drivers in the column are Goodmans with green script labels. Thanks to Jan for the pictures.

Serial number 1045 - currently in the UK

Further pictures available on this page.

Serial number 58 (1058) - currently in the UK

Two lamps secreted under the top edge illuminate the control panel while the amp is in use. No. 58 is still in good working order.


JEI serial number 110 (1100) - currently in the UK

Not in working order at present - needing new capacitors and some tidying up. But condition, despite the pitting of the face-plate, is not bad.

Serial number unknown

Excellent condition. Sold on ebay in 2012.

JEI serial number 131 (1131) - collection Andras Buruc

Excellent condition. Cosmetic design of control panel changed slightly in relation to amp immediately above.