Jennings Electronic Industries

Public Address Speaker Columns

Above, the Jennings Electronic Industries display at the Russell Hotel, August 1969 (not 1968 as is sometimes said).

The smaller set of columns (background, right) are the LS410 (4 x 10"). The larger pair are the LS412 (4 x 12"), the nomenclature similar in both cases to Vox - JMI and VSEL.

A set of speakers was also featured in a photo from early / mid 1969 featuring Sounds Incorporated with a good line-up of Jennings solid state equipment: two J100 combos, a B100 bass amp and 2x15" speaker cabinet; an electric bongo drum; a 100W PA amp and two LS412 column speakers; and a Gyrotone.

The prices of the two types of column are given in the issue of "Beat Instrumental" magazine published in February 1970 - the section on JEI from the "Focus on Amplifiers".

Using the Bank of England inflation calculator, the equivalent nowadays of £46 and £67 would be around £650 and £950.

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