Jennings Electronic Industries Pulsator - TSII

The Jennings twin-speed rotating speaker unit for organ - two horns and single 12" speaker.

Extract from the JEI trade pricelist of December 1972. See for the whole.

Notice from "Beat Instrumental" magazine, March 1973.

January 1974 pricelist. For 1973 lists .

Beat Instrumental magazine, October 1969

Flyer from c. 1970-1971 advertising the Pulsator.

JENNINGS TWIN-SPEED PULSATOR II. "For that whirly-birdy" sound, this new Organ reproduction cabinet contains Twin Speed Spinning Horns, crossed over to one heavy duty 50 watt 12" loudspeaker."

Built-in 50 watt flat response Amplifier will allow this new Cabinet to operate on any make of Organ. Foot switch control for slow (chorale) and fast pulsation plus . . . static effect. Tab constrols provided on Jennings Organs.

SPECIFICATION. Volume - Brilliance - and Bass by external controls. Dimensions 38 1/2" x 23" x 18 1/2" Weight approx. 70lbs.

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