Jennings Electronic Industries V30

The preamp of the purple panelled V30s is the same as the one employed for the V100 - see this page for examples. Both the V30 and V100 are nice-sounding amps.

Either transitional from AC40 to V30, c. 1973; or end of days, c. 1975

An extremely unusual Jennings amp - a rare bird indeed. The control panel is at back, instead of front-facing (as in the case of the most Jennings combos). The cab is similar to the Jennings T50 (see the image below), but the chassis is a standard (old-style) AC40. Electronics beautifully wired; mustard capacitors throughout. The speakers currently in the cab are Fanes, perhaps the originals, date 05/75. Thanks to Steve for the pictures.

Serial number 509 - currently in Germany

Nice cosmetic and electronic condition. Speakers are of the same type as in the amp below (Celestion G12S, bass resonance). The date code is _F27 = 27th of a month in 1973. Thanks to Arno for the pictures. This amp is currently for sale.

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

A gorgeous V30, in good condition. The Rola Celestion speakers have the code GJ 16 = 16th July 1976.