Some of these amps may already be registered on the main serial number pages, though it is likely that a good number are not. When the amps are pictured with cabs, the cabs are generally bass units - either T60s or 2x15" (original and repro.). For the time being, not much can be said about date. One amp has a white warning plaque (therefore before September-ish 1965); single-pin corners (where original) indicate a date certainly before mid 1966.

Whereabouts unknown.

Sold in the UK in the late 2000s.

Picture from the Philly Guitar Show, 2006. Single pin corner protectors.

Currently in Japan. Single pin corner protectors. The back board is cut down from an AC50.

Currently in Germany. Both amps have single pin corner protectors. Perhaps numbers 2094 and 2095.

Currently in the USA.

Small picture from the Donkiz auction website (some time ago), California.

Whereabouts unknown. Red warning plaque. Two-line serial number plate.

Currently in the USA. A T60 and AC100 box - single pin corners.

Currently in Japan.

Currently in the Czech Republic.

Currently in the USA.

Currently in the USA (Philadelphia). Pictured on top of a Super Beatle trolley.

Whereabouts unknown.

Currently in the USA.

Currently in Sweden.

Currently in the UK.