Vox PA units

Some details of the power section of an all-valve Vox 100 watt made by Triumph Electronics in 1966. General pictures of the amp . Details of the preamp .

Power amp

Hunts capacitor, date code "TTS" = 44th week of 1965.

Choke, code "7144".

Mains transformer, code "112301".

Main filter capacitor with date code "PXB".

Signature of Graham (?), chassis-maker at Triumph.

Mustard capacitor date code B5N = second quarter of 1965.

Hunts capactitor date code "TIS" = 43rd week of 1965.

Insulated connection posts (typical of Triumph).

One of the bias pots. Date code "IM" = September 1965.

Box and chassis

Rear and side of chassis.

Rear of chassis showing one of the holes with a welded nut behind and one of the holes that had to be made later to match where the holes are in the outer metal box (pictured below).

Multiple fixing holes on the underside of the box. Power and preamp only require five of the twelve.

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