Vox AC80/100 no. 254

AC100 serial number 254, conforming to the "AC80/100 Amplifier" schematic: thin-edged box, brown grille cloth, green Woden transformers, cathode biased, its chassis made by Westrex for Vox in the summer of 1964. For related amps, .

The amp was not given a serial number until 1965, however - "254" should stand squarely in the run of new thick-edged box, black grille cloth, black panel AC80/100s - . The reason for this disjunction? The amp was retained by Vox (JMI - Jennings Musical Industries) for promotional / demonstration purposes. It figures in an advert for the new Vox Wyman bass (below), the photograph having been shot in autumn '65.

Nothing is known at present of the amp's history between then and the late 1990s / early 2000s, when it was certainly in the US. JMI presumably sold it in late '65 or early '66, but that's about it.

In the US the amp was given new cathode resistors and capacitors, and some other components here and an there. Its home was a studio in Brooklyn until the owner put it up for sale via "Main Drag Music" on reverb.com.

A page of pictures of the amp as it was in the States is .

Pictures posted by MDM, June 2018

The Wyman advert, first published in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, December 1965

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The amp was never provided with a logo, nor the holes for one. Compare the distinctive diamond pattern of the grille cloth.

Serial number plate.

On the left, the plate of serial number 185 (brown fronted, thin-edged box, green Woden transformers, cathode biased, etc.). On the right, the serial number plate of 254. Both, along with with no. 221, were stamped by the same person. Westrex-made AC80/100s - from no. 100 to around no. 300 - normally have only three digit serial numbers. Burndept numbers (from the last batch of black panels on through to 1967) are machine stamped in the format 00392, and so on.