Vox AC100s at the Richmond Jazz and Blues Festival, August 1965

6th August, 1965: the greatest number of AC100 SDLs ever present on one stage. For Pete Townsend of "The Who", four daisy-chained together at front, with two spares at back. John Entwistle had a further two AC100s for bass and four 2 x 15" cabinets.

Some of these units (if not all) will have been loans from JMI. At least one of the SDL speaker cabs was an old one from late 1964 with a .

The amps are likely at this date to have been fixed bias "100W Amplifiers", on which see .

At the foot of this page, a video clip from "Shindig", which broadcast a good deal of the Festival.

A copy of the Official Programme .

A great pic from Mick Wall's piece on The Yardbirds - . Photographed on the morning or afternoon of Friday 6th August, 1965, before the stage was made ready for The Yardbirds' evening performance at the Festival. It looks as though the amps have just been delivered in the car park. The trolley of the AC100 at left is an early one (Mark 1) with a basket top.

The standard form of the poster (21 x 14cm) - there is a variant with the full programme incorporated in the design - and the running order on the reverse for the three days of the event.

Great general view of the stage from "Getty Images".

At left, Pete's SDL with the flag on its front - white warning plaque on the back panel, one rectangular Cannon and one round Amphenol XLR speaker socket. John's amps at right have two speaker sockets, the nearest, two rectangular Cannons.

Behind Keith, the two spare AC100 SDLs. The one with the basket top trolley may be the one on the right.