Vox AC80/100 schematic (and other documentation)

For the schematics drawn up for the "100W Amplifier" and the AC100 Mark 2, .

The sheets below come from the service manual pictured above, issued by Thomas Organ in September 1967. Besides the AC100, the other British-made amps encompassed are: the AC4, AC10, AC15, AC30 (two versions), T60, and AC50 (three versions). All the American amps are represented. There are wonderful exploded views of connectors and so on, on some of the fold-out pages.

The images below when clicked on, will produce enlarged versions - around 3200 x 2600 pixels, which can be printed out on A4 or 10 x 8 paper.

Cathode Bias - "80-100 Watt Amplifier Circuit" - dated 26th September 1963

Around 200 amplifiers were built precisely to this circuit by (contracted by Vox to assembly the chassis) - serial numbers 101-300. Another 130 followed built by Burndept, but with a slightly less complex output transformer.

A copy of a letter appended to the Vox Service Manual of 1967 indicates that there were AC80/100s among the early exports to the States in late 1964. The amps were initially called the "Super Beatle" - see . The name was later taken over for the solid state 120 watter built by Thomas Organ.

AC100 (fixed bias) parts list - issued by Thomas Organ

Although this list was not drawn up against an AC80/100, many of the parts itemised are still relevant.

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