Vox at the British Musical Instrument Industries Trade Fair, 1964

Also known as the "Association of Musical Instrument Industries" Trade Fair. The event was was held annually at the Hotel Russell, Russell Square, London, normally in the penultimate week of August.

The item selected for special mention by the press in 1964 - probably at the recommendation of Jennings - was the Vox "all-in-one" six-channel PA unit. The piece from "Record Mirror" (below) notes further things of interest.

Further pages on subsequent years, 1965 - 1967, will be created in due course.

The page on the Vox showing at the Frankfurt Trade Fair (Musikmesse), February 1965, .


24th - 28th August

Dick Denney at the British Musical Instrument Industries (AMII) Trade Fair, August 1964

Dick Denney at the BMI Fair in August 1964. Occasionally one finds this pic. said to be 1963. But at right, there is the six-channel PA amplifier, and in the foreground at left the Domino range, mentioned in the "Record Mirror" piece below. In the background an AC50 and T60 cab, and a LS40 column. To the left of Denney's shoulder, on a shelf, a large box AC50. On the table, a paging amplifier (on top of the six-channel unit), various microphones, a horn unit, and above that, a wall-mounted 8" speaker.

Paging amplifier (left) from the Vox catalogue of February 1964, designed for use in a factory or business environment.

A detail of a photo taken at a different point in the show. One can see various things that were obscured by Denney in the pic. above - a second PA amplifier, a radio microphone unit, and an Echo on the shelf at left.

From "Beat Instrumental", October 1964 - see below for the full coverage of the Show in the magazine. The AC100s were not the amplifiers issued to the Beatles though - those were in America from 18th August - 21st September '64. The ones brought to the Russell Hotel were evidently identical but different.

From the same issue of "Beat Instrumental"(Oct. '64). The "Million Dollar" contract, signed at the Fair.

"The Birmingham Post", 17th November, 1964. A second order - 1.5 million dollars this time (then equivalent to £534,000). This second order is sometimes confused with the first.

Snippets - as ever, click for larger images

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